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Star Wars 10K: Fireworkin' for the Weekend

Notable costumes:

Star Tours ship with R2D2 pilot

Jar Jar Binks

Cute Ewok hats


Fast Pass Tickets

Hoth Leia

Admiral Ackbar

Have you ever lived in a war zone? Well, it felt like one last night in our hotel room. Apparently, the fireworks (which you can “see from the pool area” according to Kevin the front desk guy) are launched right next to our hotel. It sounded like the building next to us was getting bombed. Tyler mentioned that he was glad I wasn’t asleep because I probably would have woken up screaming.

The fireworks ended pretty quickly and it was time for sleep! 3:30am came bright and early and we were up, but not with as much gusto as Friday. We got dressed and ready and headed over to the race. It was colder today for me as I was not covered in fur.

We headed straight for the corrals again since we were in E, the last corral. I was sad to see that E did not get the same pleasures as B: no speakers, no big video screen to show the announcers. We huddled together in the quiet and cold for about 40 minutes before we started shuffling up to the front. It was a long walk to that start line.

Like the day before, R2D2, C3PO and the race announcers started us off! I think we were closer to the stage this day because we passed right by the droids and it felt like they were really there with us.

Then started the endless dodging. It was so crowded and no one was paying attention to the fact that there were runners or that it might be courteous to NOT walk 5 across. We started on the road and that was difficult because we were constantly dodging the little reflectors in the road. Then we got into the park and we were dodging people. It felt like people took up the whole middle of the course to walk and runners had to try and squeeze by on the sides.

But we got through it and it was a GREAT course! I was unlucky/lucky enough to have to go to the bathroom part of the way through. I knew I wasn’t stopping at the first, second, or third restrooms because these all had LONG lines. But right as we came into California Adventure, I was able to experience what it was like walking right into a top of the line Disney park bathroom, immediately doing my business, and getting back on my way. It was glorious and I wish all race bathrooms were like this.

Disney had a great written message going on their marque encouraging runners that the force was with us. We got a new version of the “sharp turn ahead” message warning us that the road was dividing ahead (which we didn’t notice). Lots of people were jumping into empty ride cars, even in the backlot, to take pictures. It was pretty cool getting to go into areas marked “Cast Members Only” and experience what the backlot of Disney was like. There was a building for every little thing, and even cafes for the employees to dine at. We somehow smelled spaghetti somewhere along the way. The water stops came right when I needed them and the volunteers were great about cheering us on, using a choreographed cheer to do so.

I really enjoying running in my Queen Amidala costume, or as one of the third shift janitors called out, my “Princess Amidala” costume. I got a lot of great comments on it from other runners :) It was really a treat to run in. Though there weren’t as many photographers (and it was hard to get a picture sometimes because of how crowded it was) so I hope I get at least one good picture of me in this costume.

The run was really easy and was a super quick 6.2 miles and we kept a pretty consistent 12:00/mile pace. We leisurely crossed the finish, after some stormtroopers noticed me and gestured with their guns to move along. We got our medals and pictures and I stopped at the medical tent where a very nice man from the Florida hospital wrapped my knee in ice. It was a long walk back to the hotel because of this because I couldn’t bend my knee!

Back to the hotel, where I grabbed breakfast still in costume. Tyler took a nap while I showered. When Tyler woke up his legs hurt bad so I suggested an ice bath. He was a baby about it. I filled up one of our runDisney bags at the hotel ice machine and forced Tyler to sit in the cold water for 20 minutes. He moaned and groaned but got through it and felt a lot better afterwards.

Then we walked back over to the expo to stroll around again and take pictures with our two medals. Tyler made a purchase at the merchandise store. When we entered the register area a woman stopped us and asked our names. “Tyler and Kristyne,” we offered, and the woman turns around and announces “Tyler and Kristyne finished the race!” All the cashiers clapped and cheered for us which was so surprising and felt so good. We left with huge smiles on our faces. Then we had lunch, complete with beverages in Stormtrooper mugs, at ESPNZone where we got 15% off our bill for running the races.

Back to the hotel for a nap, then off to dinner with Jena and some TNT people at Marri’s Italian restaurant. Dinner was a lot of fun. We talked about this race, past races, and future races and all the experiences that came along with them. Jena and a couple others had just finished the Dopey Challenge a week before in Florida (5K, 10K, Half and Full Marathons) and they were relating all their stories. I met a couple new friends from DC that had run the Dopey challenge with them.

We’re planning on catching the fireworks in the hot tub tonight and then re-tape some KT Tape, and then off to bed. It’s 8:19pm and all the clothes are already set out and ready to go. One more race left!

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