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Women Problems


Tom is a sweet and well-meaning guy who is doing his best to impress the ladies. The problem is, despite following rigorous social norms and advice from his therapist, he can’t quite seem to make it past the first date. Wary of striking out, Tom stumbles upon some help from an unconventional source, the Candyman. Suave but creepy, the Candyman is the definition of cool. But only in his own mind. The Candyman takes Tom under his wing in the hopes of making him “sweet as candy” to the women of the world. But does this unconventional approach work? Come along for the hilarious ride as Tom learns the hard way what women “really” want in a guy.


Executive Producers:

Chad Neace & Chris Balish


Directed by:

Kristyne Elizabeth Fetsic


Written by and Starring:

Chad Neace & Dan C. Johnson


Director of Photography:

Andrew Dale


Associate Producer:

Tyler Martin




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