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About Kristyne

Kristyne at Star Wars Celebration 3

Ever since I went to the Star Wars Celebration 3 convention in 2005 I knew I wanted to dedicate my life to telling stories that inspire people. Over 34,000 people were at the convention and I thought to myself "If I can affect one person the way Star Wars has affected so many people, I would have done something good in my life." It was decided; I would be a filmmaker. Hi, my name is Kristyne Elizabeth Fetsic and I am an independent producer and director and self proclaimed Star Wars nerd. 


I've been working out my storytelling muscles since an early age, having been involved in community theater and amateur self written performances for friends and family members. I even directed my first feature length movie in high school through the Elyria Catholic High School film club. 


I then moved on to directing and producing short films while attending Ithaca College and was honored to have my thesis film, "Sucker," accepted into the Ohio Independent Film Festival in 2012.  For the past four years I've been living and working in Los Angeles, CA and have been involved in a variety of projects including Logo TV's "EastSiders." Currently, I proudly work for the show CW FanTalk as the associate producer and at the NFL Network as the operations production coordinator.


I've learned quite a bit in my years working: how to frame up a shot, how to get the appropriate emotional response from an actor, how to build a budget and production schedule, etc., etc. I'm so grateful that I have a wealth of skills and experience in my personal toolbox and I look forward to opportuities where I get to use my tools as well as opportunities to learn new skills. 


I'm so excited that you're here at my site; welcome! I hope that you get an idea of who I am and what I do. Feel free to explore and reach out if you feel so compelled. I would love to get to know you! Thank you for visiting!

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